Grandmaster Ark Wong's Shaolin Kung Fu. Volume 2 - Weapons Forms

DVD: Grandmaster Ark Wong's Shaolin Kung Fu. 

Volume 2 - Weapons Forms

(Yamazato Productions, 2005)

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Product Description

This DVD features historic footage of renowned Grand Master Ark Wong (1900-1987). In 1964 he was the first in Los Angles to break with the Chinese Secret Society Tradition by teaching Kung Fu to all races. According Master Wong, "now my art is available to everyone who really wants to learn. I can't take it with me-and I want to leave something of value behind." Master Wong was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame in 1970 and was featured in the television series "Kung Fu." On this exciting DVD you will see rare footage of this unsurpassed and famous Grand Master of Shaolin Kung Fu. The weapon forms presented included Staff, Spear, Three-Section Staff, Butterfly Knives and Twin Broad Swords as well as the fighting applications & defenses and more! This is a classic presentation and a must have DVD for the true Kung Fu enthusiast! 60 min.

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  NTSC, Color, Full length, Full Screen, Special Edition


Region 1 (U.S. and Canada)




Yamazato Productions (2005)



Run Time

60 minutes 

About Grandmaster Ark Wong 

Grandmaster Ark Yuey Wong was born in the large village of Toysun Tien Sum Chien, Canton, Southern China in the year 1900. His family was moderately wealthy and early in his childhood he was exposed to the ancient fighting arts. Wong's great grandfather was attacked by a younger jealous brother in order to weaken the older man and obtain his wealth. Upon recovering from the attack, the old man decreed that all his male descendants must learn Kung Fu beginning at the seven years of age which is when they started school. It was at the age that Ark Wong began his training.Wong's first Shifu was the well-respected master, Lam Ark Fun. Master Lam was rather old at this time but still highly revered as a great teacher of the art. At the age of twelve, Ark Wong was taught the art of Chinese Herbal Medicine by Master Lama and Wong would employ this skill extensively later in life. Ark Wong studied Mok Gar Kung Fu under another well-respected master, Ho Ark Yeng. Wong's great grandfather had hired both Master Lam and Master Ho to teach the Wong family exclusively.

In his late teens, Ark Wong went to school in Canton. It was during this time that he met Pung, the chief monk of the Canton area. He studied under this master for a year and a half. Previously, all of Wong's training was of the external aspects of Kung Fu. It was from Pung that he began to learn the internal aspects.

Civil unrest occurred in Canton and Wong went back to his village, Lin Chuan Yuan in Putien County and he opened a Kung Fu school for his family and the younger children of the area. One New Years, as was the custom for New Years, all the Kung Fu schools gathered to put on the "Lion Dancing" demonstrations. On the basis of these demonstrations by the different schools the masters were chosen. Only the best demonstrators would receive the title "Master." At the remarkably young age of nineteen, Wong Ark Yuey was made Master.

In 1921 Wong came to the United States and opened up a school in San Francisco and later in Oakland. This was the birth of Ng Ga Kin and Ng Ying Ga in the United States.  

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